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A Better Liberties! About Us

The Liberties Business Area Improvement Initiative is a programme supported by Dublin City Council and local stakeholders and businesses to enhance and transform the commercial heart of Dublin 8 and create a more vibrant and attractive city neighbourhood in which to live, work and visit.

The Liberties Business Area Improvement Initiative is working to coordinate Dublin City Council and private sector investment in the physical environment of the area, to promote cultural life and activities, and, together with its partners in The Liberties Business Forum, to promote and market The Liberties as one of Dublin’s most vibrant and dynamic neighbourhoods.

Rediscover a city quarter that’s being transformed by public and private sector partnership.

Can I Help?

My name is Stephen Coyne and I co-ordinate Dublin City Council's programme to revitalise commercial life and advance physical regeneration in The Liberties. If you are interested in setting up in The Liberties why not explore the website or call us at Marrowbone Lane.

Email Us: info@libertiesdublin.ie
Call Us: +353 (0)1 222 5180

How Are We Doing

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