Craft Food & Drink

The food and drink market in The Liberties has a lot to offer, with the area currently undergoing a renaissance as a centre for craft distilling and brewing in Dublin. Historic brands such as Roe’s, Powers and Millar may be long gone, but new contemporary brands are helping to reinvent Dublin’s ‘Golden Triangle’.

Discover the new Teeling Whiskey Distillery on Newmarket, the first working distillery in the city in over 100 years, and enjoy its great visitor centre. Sample some of 5 Lamps brews …they’re made right here in #D8. And the area remains the Home of Guinness, one of Ireland’s most iconic brands. As the descendants of Arthur might say, they still have almost 750 years left on a 1,000 year lease.

The historic market space Newmarket and Meath Street continue to reflect the strong tradition of quality independent food production and market activity in the area, while quality restaurants and cafés throughout the Liberties provide the best in lunch and dining. There are opportunities for more food and drink businesses in the area. Its a great time to take a fresh look at #D8.