Dublin’s Life Sciences Quarter

Now undergoing an ambitious transformation of its campus, St James’ Hospital is one of the country’s largest medical centres and an established feature of The Liberties.  Innovative public health programmes, major new developments such as the National Paediatric Hospital, the proposed National Maternity Hospital, and expanding support businesses now see the hospital at the centre of a new Life Sciences Quarter in the heart of the city.

New Children’s Hospital at St James’s

The new Children’s Hospital at St James’s will transform the current campus into a medical centre of excellence. The hospital represents a €650m investment in The Liberties and surrounding areas and is expected to be completed and commissioned in 2019. Further details on the project can be found at www.newchildrenshospital.ie.

Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing (MISA)

MISA Institute St James

The most recent addition to the St James’s Hospital Campus has been MISA – Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing. This multi-million euro facility combines pioneering patient-focused clinical care with research and development, education and training and an innovative community outreach programme through its Creative Life Centre. MISA is a hub for world-leading research into successful ageing. More details at www.misa.ie.

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