Dublin’s Golden Triangle

In its 18th and 19th century heyday, The Liberties was the epicentre of brewing and distilling in Dublin, with the largest concentration of producers in Ireland. In fact, by the 1880s the area boasted the world’s largest brewery, operated by Guinness & Sons, and the world’s biggest whiskey distillery, owned by George Roe & Sons, both surrounded by myriad other operators in what became known as the Golden Triangle.

The industries declined dramatically in the 20th century, with the last distillery, the Powers Distillery at John’s Lane, closing in 1975. However recent years have seen a dramatic revival of fortunes. Discover some of the area’s long-gone whiskey barons, and meet the new generation of producers bringing home the uisce beatha (water of life).

Past & Present

Whiskey, Whiskey Everywhere!

The area’s whiskey industry did not come without its perils! One of the most destructive fires in the history of Dublin occurred on 18 June 1875, when a disastrous conflagration near Newmarket in The Liberties saw burning whiskey flow through the streets of the area like lava. 13 people lost their lives, but not quite how you might think for such a major fire. Historian Las Fallon tells the story of the ‘Great Whiskey Fire’, and its unusual fatalities (video courtesy of www.storymap.ie).

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