A Tale of Thomas Street - A poem by Open
A Tale of Thomas Street is a festive poem and video made about The Liberties Dublin

A Tale of Thomas Street – Poem by Open


Life, Love The Liberties

A very Dublin-sounding Christmas poem and video have been made by Open. Open is a design agency on Thomas Street. You can find out more about them here. A Tale of Thomas Street can be read below, or better yet watch the video which takes you through the sights and sounds of The Liberties. Open have done a really great job!

As the video illustrates, The Liberties is a special place to spend the festive season. Find out what’s happening in the area here.

Shades of a Winter evening drop on James’s Gate
multi-coloured lights draw down
The stall-holders make their final offers
the best value south-side of town

The Christmas shoppers gather eagerly
to view and test their wares
While penitents mingle fervently
to recite their festive prayers

As little children point and shout with glee
and dream of Christmas presents bright
revellers search through their wallets to deliver gifts that are just right

People rush from far and near and most can hardly wait
Saint Nicholas saintly ever true
bestoe his blessing great
on all the folks on Thomas Street
close by the city’s gate

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