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Given the centrality of The Liberties, changes to public transport are not always a consideration. However major changes to Dublin’s bus network are now proposed and it is worth taking a look at how those changes will affect The Liberties and connections into The Liberties from outlying suburbs.

Bus Connects is a major reorganisation now planned for Dublin’s bus network. Its entails changes to routes, numbering of routes, frequency, fare structure and even the colour and livery of buses and stops. A public consultation on the plans is now underway and submissions are invited until 28th September. The planned changes and how to comment are available online at

Among the changes proposed are:

  • Increase the overall amount of bus services.
  • Provide new and frequent orbital services connecting more outer parts of the city together.
  • Simplify the bus services on the key radial into “spines” where all buses will operate under a common letter system and buses will run very frequently and be more evenly spaced.
  • Increase the number of routes where buses will come every 15 minutes or less all day.

Changes Affecting The Liberties

  1. A series of new core radial routes from the city centre to outlying areas. Four of these routes run though the area: the new C routes along the quays and out via Heuston Station; G routes along Thomas Street and James Street, D route via Patrick Street, Cork Street and Dolphin’s Barn and F route, which skirts the area along Clanbrassil Street. There will also be a new orbital O route using the North and South Circular Roads.
  2. Transport interchanges, where a number of different services combine, will be developed at Heuston Station (with rail and Luas) and St James’s Hospital (with Luas). The aim of Bus Connects is to make interchange much simpler, with information and flat fares so that you only pay one fare for your journey.
  3. The planned Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) routes along Thomas Street and Bridgefoot Street are now abandoned.
  4. Changes around bus fares and frequency.

Public Information Sessions

Would you like more information. The nearest planned public information seminar is:

Ashleaf Shopping Centre, Crumlin
Wednesday 25th August between 2pm and 8pm.

More on Bus Connects at

Image: Excerpt of the proposed new network in the south west inner city area

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