Matchmaking service for startup space
Matching those with available office space with those who need it

Commercial Space MatchMakers for Startups



“Two software developers seek small, startup space. We enjoy short walks to work and a quiet office environment.”

A matchmaking service for commercial space has been set up for startups. The aim is to match people seeking a desk or two in an office with those who have some room to spare. Dublin’s status as an international tech hub is growing stronger by the day. Yet, as Patrick Walsh – one of the leaders of Dublin Startup Space Initiative, says, “there is a growing concern about the lack of flexible and affordable commercial real estate in Dublin. This is a significant challenge for Dublin’s burgeoning home-grown technology companies. The increase in rents also adds to worries about Ireland’s competitiveness as it continues to lead in foreign direct investment”.

As home to clusters of startups at The Digital Hub and Guinness Enterprise Centre, The Liberties is an attractive location for similar businesses to set up. If you have a spare desk or two in your office, why not rent it out? Or if you’re looking for such a space, your search may be over.

Read more about the initiative here.

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