Community Needs Assessment of The Liberties Published

SIDDCA-commissioned report profiles The Liberties and makes recommendations for the future



South Inner City Community Development Association (SICCDA) has published its much-anticipated community needs assessment of The Liberties, setting out over 40 recommendations to improve quality of life in the area and increase community cooperation and build social capital.

The report, written by Stephen Rourke (the independent chairperson of St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board), provides a valuable insight into an area of the city in the midst of considerable transformation. With ongoing physical regeneration, commercial renewal, and social and cultural change, The Liberties is currently one of the most dynamic areas of the city. The report provides a profile of The Liberties and its community and appraises current community needs.  Among its features:

  • An analysis of Census 2016 and the features of the area’s changing community;
  • Interviews with 65 key players from statutory agencies, the local business community, community development and the voluntary sector;
  • The views of over 400 local residents, gained from surveys and face-to-face meetings;
  • And a review of a number of plans and development proposals seeking to shape The Liberties.

Among the themes considered by the report are environmental quality, housing need, the provision of community services, economic development, measures to tackle criminality, anti-social behaviour and drug abuse, and the need to foster greater community cohesion.

The report is now available to read via the link below.

SICCDA now welcome your views and ideas to help to bring the recommendations of the report to life. Contact SICCDA by phone (01) 453 6098, by email  or via its social media channels.

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