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Mercer Institute of Successful Aging (MISA) is the new state-of-the-art healthcare facility at St James’s Hospital that includes a hub for world-leading research on aging. The centre, which opened earlier this year at Fatima, encompasses geriatric healthcare, research and development into clinical care for aging, education and training and a creative life centre.

The Creative Life Centre at MISA promotes the concept that good health is as much affected by quality of life and that creative expression can increase our skills and heighten our self-confidence and motivation. The Creative Life Centre partners with other individuals, hospital departments, educational institutions and creative organisations – including National College of Art & Design and IMMA – to develop a diverse and interesting range of programmes and events.

Exhibitions currently include the work of artists Barrie Cooke, Brian Maguire, Pat Scott, Alice Richard as well as work from the IMMA Collection curated by Denis Roche. In addition, the Centre is worked with NCAD undergrad students to make art over a three-month period and three students were selected for a bursary for Age and Opportunity in last May’s Bealtaine Festival.

You can find more details on MISA and its Creative Life Centre here St James’s Hospital

Main image sourced from BPD Architects via Google. Second image from MISA.ie

Ageing at MISA

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