Donore Boxing Club
Donore Boxing Club at St Teresa's Gardens is attracting female members

Donore Boxing Club at Saint Teresa’s Gardens


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“In Dublin’s south inner city, nestled among the boarded-up council flats of St Teresa’s Gardens, lies Donore Boxing Club. Inside this 50s-era gym a group of young girls are pounding punch bags like they mean it.

There’s 11-year-old Eli, who hobbles in on crutches as a result of a fight two weeks prior (she won the fight); there’s 12-year-old Shannon and 11-year-old Chloe, the latter of whom is with her mam Mary. Shannon’s twin sister Kelsy also regularly boxes at the gym. Eli is one of the club’s youngest fighters and has already been in the ring for five years. She confidently claims to be “the best boxer here”.

Read more about the growing popularity and success of girl boxing in the Dublin 8.

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