Dublin Food Co-Op Culture Night
Dublin Food Co-Op Culture Night

Dublin Food Co-Op’s Culture Night 2015



Dublin Food Co-op has announced the opening of DFC ‘s Culture Night 2015. This event is a one-day art exhibition and will held be on September the 18th. Culture Night at the Co-op will feature visual and performance arts from members and non-members of the Co-op.

The Dublin Food Co-op is now seeking artists to participate in the following categories: Paintings, Illustrations, Sculptures, Photographs, Musicians, Dancers, Performers, Crafts, Video-artists, Poets etc to be included in the exhibition. This exciting opportunity will enable artists to display their creative pieces in the frame of Culture Night, offering them a unique space.

The Co-Op is offering the opportunity to sell your work or ask for a donation, free catering and free space for rehearsal during August 2015. If interested in participating, please send the information below to coopsitespecific@gmail.com by August 2nd:

– CV of the person or collective

– Description of the proposal. It depends on the kind of work, but the length must not overstep the 30min

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