Festival of Politics 2019: 21st to 24th November


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Is our rapacious appetite for flesh leading us to eat our planet to death and might bovine flatulence prove fatal? Should we be considering Cow Taxes rather than Carbon Taxes. The Festival of Politics is back to fearlessly answer these and other questions. Forget about the war of the WAGS, we are here to find out just what a political football the game of soccer really is.

Meet the US author who says RFK’s killer Sirhan Sirhan is an Innocent Man and hear the proof firsthand. Learn about the Irish American Reporter described by Hemingway as the ‘greatest writer who ever lived’, was she really murdered for uncovering the Truth behind JFK’s assassination? Join us as we expose the dark side of NASA – and the ideas of free love, debauchery, and “Sex Magick” behind the project that took man into space. We are just scratching the surface. We are here to plumb the depths of ‘political’ esoterica, armed only with irreverence, unquenchable curiosity and varying degrees of seriousness.

This is not a think-in. This is not an Ard-Fheis. This is not your everyday Festival of Politics!

Some of our events:

Humans of Politics
Who in their right mind would want to be a politician? You’d need your head examined, might explain the state of the world today. In this first ever live edition of the RTE Podcast, ‘Humans of Politics’, comedian and politics junkie, Abie Philbin Bowman talks to some of our most honest, and thought-provoking political figures, as if they’re regular people he’s just met at a party.

The Reporter That Knew Too Much – The Dorothy Kilgallen Story, The Jack Ruby Tapes and the plot to kill JFK
Bestselling author Mark Shaw shares his 12 years of research on these subjects, a night that promises to lift the lid on over half a decade of cover ups in one of the world’s most famous political assassinations and the events around it.

The Politics of the Unexplained with Richard MacLean Smith
From Roswell to the Aerial Phenomenon, from the shady characters behind NASA’s Jet Lab to Operation Cone of Power (a coven of witches trying to stop Hitler), there are some things that are well, unexplained, yet politicians tell us there is no cover up. Join writer and podcaster Richard MacLean Smith for an investigation of the real-life events that continue to evade explanation.

The Politics of Football – with ‘El Comandante’ from Pinceladas de Fútbol
Join ‘El comandante’, the anonymous founder of Pinceladas de Fútbol as he shares a fascinating lesson about the greatest game ever played and its political connotations, from Pinochet to The Palestinian Sports Club. Football is so much more than petty gossip and ridiculous statements that go viral.

The RFK Tapes: The Assassination and cover up of Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy
Sirhan Sirhan is an innocent man and is in prison for a crime he has no memory of committing. Join controversial author William Klaber who has spent years researching Kennedys murder and subsequent cover up, he will speak candidly about what he found in the LAPD police files and what that tells us about this murder.

What’s the Beef with Veganism?
Join the Irish Times’ Catherine Cleary for an interview with Viva! founder and director Juliet Gellatly. With new studies warning that meat consumption in western countries may need to drop by 90% to avert a climate catastrophe while Ireland boasts a 12 billion food and drink industry, which is heavily centred on beef and dairy, it will prove to be a lively discussion.

And more…

The beautiful Tailors’ Hall on Back Lane is the venue for what sure to be a fascinating festival.

Check out the Festival website festivalofpolitics.ie for all the info about the events. You can also keep updated on Social Media: @PoliticsFestDub (Facebook & twitter). Ticket prices range from €4.99 to €9.99 and Student/OAP Discounts are available.

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Tailors’ Hall is the venue for the Festival of Politics 2019

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