Global Desires by Outlandish Theatre: 17th to 19th November

A series of events to mark Science week exploring the interactions between performance, research and art.



Global Desires, running as part of Science Week, integrates Outlandish Theatre Platform’s weekly Open Theatre Practice with research in neuroscience and botany to explore how everyday human desires affect and are affected by global processes like (post-) colonisation, capitalism, social media and climate change. This project has been created with different approaches to intertwine Science and Art to investigate the thematics of desire.

A Performance/Experiment
Summerfolk Redux by OTP Ensemble
Fri 17th November, 7pm
Sat 18th November, 7pm
Sunday 19th, 2.30pm

Tickets €10/€15
The Bank, Thomas Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8

In Gorky’s Summerfolk, written over one hundred years ago in 1904, the playwright sets out how a group of nouveau riche indulge in their desires, just before the Russian Revolution takes place. In this experiment Open Theatre Practice ensemble find the intersections between their personal desire, research material, and the interpretation of the character they each take on. This is Open Theatre Practice’s debut working with a classical text. How the ensemble meets the characters they are playing, has been an exhilarating process. Come, witness and immerse yourself in this playful and radical performance where concealed desires meet at a summer party.


Global Desires, Performance Conversation

In person: Saturday 18th November, 2.30pm, The Bank at The Digital Hub (booking required)

Online: Sunday 19th November, 7pm (

Outlandish Theatre presents a Performance Conversation and invites an audience to witness and take part in a critical and scientific discussion about desires and their evolution within the framework of the Anthropocene to the post-human geological transition and the Sublime. We are excited to have panelists neuroscientist Professor Paul Dockree who holds the position of Associate Professor within the School of Psychology at Trinity College and botanist Dr Michael Williams.


Global Desires, Theatre making workshop (booking required)

Sunday 19th November, 10.30am, The Bank at The Digital Hub (booking required)

Outlandish Theatre’s directors, Maud Hendricks and Bernie O’Reilly, will lead an Open Theatre Practice performance making workshop accessible to all people interested in performance making, no previous experience required.

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