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The Tenters area south of Cork Street featured in a Sunday Times piece by Larissa Nolan on 22nd August. Going Places looks at neighbourhoods and urban areas across Ireland which are generating energy and excitement as up-and-coming places to live work or visit. The Tenters and adjoining Newmarket and Blackpitts are certainly springing to life.

Of course Newmarket has re-emerged as a great market space these past number of years with the Dublin Food Co-op and more latterly the Green Door making it a good food destination. The regular Dublin Fleas add colour and vibrancy each month. The opening of Teeling’s Distillery in June 2015 saw the start of its next phase of reinvention and the area around Mill Street is now peppered with cranes as new student housing, hotels and other attractions start to populate the area. A new park is under development at Weaver Square while a public realm plan is under development for Newmarket and adjoining streets.

As the piece points out, the adjoining residential enclave of The Tenters has a lot to look forward to and a revitalising city neighbourhood to get used to. Are there big changes ahead? Undoubtedly. The area will see dramatic changes in the coming years. However the move from decaying and redundant light industrial buildings and forgotten spaces to new uses such as apartments, shops and attractions is a logical next step for the neighbourhoods along Cork Street. The challenge is, of course, to retain character, charm and community along the way.

Read the piece here.

Tenters piece

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