How Are We Doing: The IBAL Litter Survey 2023

Positive news for The Liberties in the latest IBAL Survey as our parks are a standout attraction



The Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) survey was released on Monday 26th June and the latest survey considered a number of locations in The Liberties. Overall the survey found that litter levels around the country were unchanged over the past 12 months, but that a majority of towns surveyed were clean to European norms. The survey presented a more complex picture for Dublin city centre, and included a number of locations in Dublin 8.

Among the positives:

Christchurch Cathedral: Grade A. This was an immaculate site. The grounds have been recently enhanced with new observation area and beautiful flower beds / shrubbery. Paving, planting, visitor information signage etc. were all in excellent condition – very fitting for the many
visitors on day of survey.

Cork Street: Grade A. Road surface / markings / signage were in very good order along Cork Street. Overall, it was an excellent site with regards to litter. ‘Plant Life’ have added some welcome greenery. The overall impression created here was a very good one.

Bridgefoot Street Park: Grade A. A wonderful new park environment on what was previously something of a poorly maintained miscellaneous site. This is a fantastic amenity which has been beautifully laid out with an abundance of wildflowers and soft-planting. Play equipment,
seating, litter bins etc. were all in excellent condition. There was a complete absence of litter throughout the area surveyed. Signage asks dog owners not to let their dogs Pee in the Beds – vegetable plot within.

St. Audeon’s Park: Grade A. Another lovely city centre park environment which was beautifully laid out. All aspects within the park were in very good order e.g., signage, seating, litter bins. There was beautiful planting throughout – it was excellent with regards to litter.

Also featured were:

Thomas Street: Grade A. Thomas Street scored well with minimal litter throughout. Area has been enhanced by attractive use of on-street planters with wooden seating attached and outdoor dining facilities. Graffiti was a feature on some surfaces e.g., shutters of premises and
bus shelter.

Vacant site on Lamb Alley: Grade D. The heavy weed growth is somewhat obscuring the reality of this site. It has been used as a dumping ground for alcohol cans, very significant levels of same were present, along with mineral cans, fast-food wrappers, plastic bags and sweet wrappers. Coffee cups and plastic bottles were also present but not to the same degree.

Laneway off Thomas Street: Grade D. (between Vape Island and Enable Ireland business premises) Not so much a littered site but subject to dumping – a mix of recent and ‘long-lie’ items. As well as regular food / alcohol items, larger items include discarded furniture, sleeping
bags and blankets. The whole site was very neglected.

In terms of the types of litter prevalent, the survey showed that PPE litter has not disappeared entirely, with masks found in 7% of sites. There was a slight fall in the prevalence of alcohol cans and bottles, but coffee cups were present in 20% of sites and represent one of the more common litter types. There was also an increase in cigarette butts. Vaping devices were included as a litter type for the first time and were present in 6% of sites.

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