In Our Shoes: Social History of The Liberties Uncovered

Liberties-based social enterprise is offering you a chance to uncover social history for yourself until business-as-usual resumes


Life, Love The Liberties, Visit

Exploring an area with genuine local guides allow you to see an area in a whole new light. When we get back to normal times and can start to rediscovering the city again, In Our Shoes Walking Tours will be uncovering The Liberties with guided walks exploring landmarks famous and hidden, high streets and back lanes and rare stories eloquently shared.

In Our Shoes Walking Tours is a community-owned company, under Robert Emmet Community Development Programme, employing local people, which aims to offer visitors a one-of-a-kind authentic experience of The Liberties.

All cities have a heart. The Liberties is not just a place; it’s a story, a community and a web of hidden secrets.

Robert Emmet CDP provides an accessible education and employment programme to allow local residents to become ‘In Our Shoes’ tour guides and take visitors right to that heart.

“While we’re necessarily out of action at the moment we are doing everything in the background to ensure that we are back providing true and enjoyable tours down the highways and byways of the Liberties as soon as possible”.

In the meantime In Our Shoes are showing off their newly minted social history map of The Liberties, proudly supported by CBRE and Business to Arts that captures the points of their memorable tour so you can delve in to the area yourself until tours resume.

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