Jonathan Swift Festival: 24th November

A celebration of the enduring legacy of the noted wit, satirist and writer


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The Jonathan Swift Festival returns to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral on Friday 24th November 2023.  The festival promises a captivating celebration of literature, wit, and culture inspired by the renowned Irish author and satirist. Expect a diverse range of thought-provoking discussions, lively debates, captivating performances and immersive tours. The festival will offer opportunities to explore Swift’s multifaceted legacy, engage with contemporary interpretations of his work, and enjoy various forms of entertainment that pay homage to his enduring influence.

Full details as the exciting festival’s program is now available, promising something for everyone who appreciates the enduring brilliance of Jonathan Swift. More at

You can also take a fab self-guided tour of places in the city associated with Jonathan Swift with this great map and guide.

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