The Liberties Shopfront Improvement Scheme
The Shopfront Improvement Scheme in The Liberties will enhance the appearance of the area

Keeping Up Appearances – Shopfront Improvements on Upper Floors


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Making the best of shopfronts, improving buildings and generally raising the quality of the commercial streets in The Liberties are hugely important to the continued vibrancy of area. Shoppers, visitors and local custom are attracted to areas of character and charm, and while it requires a little effort on everyone’s part, The Liberties has this in spades.

This year, Dublin City Council piloted a Shopfront Improvement Scheme on Thomas Street and Cornmarket, offering incentives to businesses and property owners to upgrade their frontages. In total 11 projects have been funded under the scheme, a number of which have been completed. Its now proposed to continue the scheme in 2016 and to apply it to a wider area. However its also important to acknowledge the effort of many businesses to enhance their premises over the past couple of years – the effect has been transformative. A simple guide to Getting the Best From Your Shopfront is available here. The guide looks at some of the positive things that can be done to enhance your street presence. While often planning permission is required for bigger works, or changes to signage, simple maintenance, repainting and de-cluttering, or adding greening can all be done with ease and at relatively low cost. Little things to make big shopfront improvements.

For further details on the Shopfront Improvement Scheme and to register interest in the 2016 round of incentives, please email

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