Liberties Business Forum Celebrates “Our Great Place”


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The Liberties Business Forum marks its 5th year as a partnership working to improve commercial life in The Liberties with an Annual Report focused on the theme of Great Place.

Recognising the pace of renewal of the area, the Forum has highlighted the role of businesses in helping to shape a positive future for The Liberties and its environs. Whether promoting The Liberties as a location to invest, lobbying for improvements to streets and services, highlighting the increasing range of amenities and attractions in The Liberties, or facilitating a diverse cultural programme, the Forum’s members are playing their part in developing The Liberties as one of the capital’s most sustainable and attractive neighborhoods.

While commercial activity in the area continues to grow, the Forum highlights the need for residential and community development to keep pace with other development. The Forum chairperson, Anthony Joyce says:

We recognise that a great place is more than busy commercial streets. It requires a strong residential community, investment in existing housing and the development of new homes to allow more people to live in Dublin 8. We know that much more needs to be done to unlock the obvious potential of The Liberties to be an exemplar urban community. Making the case for continued investment in the area is therefore a key priority of The Liberties Business Forum.

However the Forum chair notes that the signs of progress are there for all to see, whether its restored buildings along Thomas Street, the new parks and spaces along High Street or the impressive pace of redevelopment in Newmarket and along Cork Street, or the quality of places to eat and socialise. The Liberties is rising!


The Liberties Business Forum was established in 2014 to represent the views and interests of large and small businesses and stakeholders in The Liberties. The Forum is a company limited by guarantee.

You can read the Forum’s Annual Report 2018 here.

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