1837 Bar & Brasserie

At The Guinness Storehouse: Arthur’s Bar & 1837 Bar & Brasserie

Guinness is renowned all over the world for its inimitable, multi-faceted flavour – a taste enjoyed not only from a glass, but also as an exceptional accompaniment to meals, and as an ingredient in its own right.

The Guinness Storehouse’s restaurants are open to the public without an experience ticket. Explore how our beers from the Guinness Brewery can uniquely cut, contrast or complement our menus.

We have two restaurants available for our guests to choose. Arthur’s Bar and our 1837 Bar & Brasserie. Two individual restaurants with menu styles to match. If your preference is for something casual and relaxed, Arthur’s Bar is your perfect fit. Or if you prefer something more substantial, our a la carte menu in 1837 Bar & Brasserie offers larger plates.


The Guinness Storehouse
St James's Gate
Market Street South




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