Declan Flynn Fitness

Hi I am Declan Flynn,  I am a ITEC level 3 Personal Trainer offering online coaching packages to suit the needs of each client.

I specialise in weight loss but work with other areas of fitness too. Ive been through my own weight loss journey, so I know and understand the process and difficulties that can arise, but I want to make this easier for you and work with you on your own fitness goals.  All programmes are designed for your own personal goals and are delivered straight to your phone via my app. You can choose to go alone and solo or choose one of three packages with different levels of support and coaching.

Workouts can be home based or gym based.

Join the Flynn Fitfam community and be part of an encouraging team of fellow clients .

I don’t just want to help you achieve your fitness goals,  I want to teach and inspire you to make the changes that last a lifetime.

Drop me a message for a free consultation.


Declan Flynn

The Liberties & Dublin 8



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