Edward Worth Library at Dr Steeven’s Hospital

The book-collection assembled by Edward Worth (1676-1733), a notable Dublin physician, is one of the treasures of Dublin’s cultural inheritance. It is housed in Dr Steevens’  Hospital, an institution of which Worth was a governor and major benefactor. The Hospital is now no longer a working hospital but instead is the headquarters of Ireland’s Health Services Executive.

Edward Worth was a physician whose taste in books radiated outwards from his professional concern with medicine. He collected as a man of science, a gentleman, and a connoisseur. Beside medical books, ancient and modern (ie. 18th century), you’ll find important contributions to the study of related sciences, then philosophy, the classics, history etc. Worth was particularly interested in the book as object: the collection not only holds fine examples of sixteenth-century typography but is also considered to be the best collection of early modern book bindings in Ireland.

You can visit this fascinating library by appointment or via the various open days held through the year. Staff can also arrange guided tours by appointment. The Library also features regular exhibitions of its collections.


Dr Steeven's Hospital
Steeven's Lane



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