Iveagh Gallery

In Dublin there are only a hand full of commercial galleries specialising in period Irish painters and sculptors of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The newly founded Iveagh Gallery on the famous Francis Street adds to this mix specialising in both Irish paintings and sculptures from these centuries. I believe we cater to the specific needs and requirements of both discerning art buyers and the astute investors alike.

Amongst our collection are works by artists such as Sir John Lavery, Norman Garstin, Augustus Burke, Joseph O’Reilly, Basil Blackshaw, J B Vallely, Gerard Dillon, Charles Harper, Brian Ballard, William Mason, Kenneth Webb, Seamus O’ Colmain, Rowan Gillespie, Garry Trimble, Gerome Connor, John Behan, Eamonn O’Doherty and many more. A wide range of preference are catered for through the variety and quality of each piece in our collection.

With over forty years experience in the Irish art world you can be confident of Quality, Condition, Integrity and Guaranteed of Authenticity of each piece of work we have on offer at the Iveagh Gallery.


38 Francis Street, Dublin 8



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