La Cathedral Studios

La Catedral Studios

La Catedral Studios is one of the largest studio complexes in Dublin housing 24 studios for visual artists, along with a multi-purpose space for the arts (The Back Loft). The studios were founded by Antonella Scanu and Costanzo Idini in 2005, following the conversion of a charming Victorian warehouse, formerly a clothing factory.

The aim of LCS is to provide a long term city centre creative hub within a nurturing environment from which artists could create and exhibit their work from start to finish and cross fertilise with fellow artists under the same roof. Through the provision of working spaces combined with a spacious open-plan loft, the Studios’ ethos is to support a great spectrum of artistic practices, to facilitate visibility for emerging artists and to offer space for independent creative initiatives of all kinds.


7-11 St Augustine Street, Dublin 8

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