St Nicholas de Myra Church

Parish church on Francis Street. The church contains wonderful interiors and features stained glass windows by Harry Clarke studios and a stunning Pieta altar piece by Cork-born sculpture John Hogan.

The site on which the present church is built appears to have been a place of worship from at least the 12th century when a timber church existed there. A stone church and or monastery followed the demolition of the timber building, was built in 1235 for the Franciscan order by Archbishop John Cumin, successor to St. Laurence O’Toole. The stone church was destroyed during the “Dissolution” reign of Henry VIII. The site was reacquired by the Franciscans in the late 17th century but concern about the reaction to the Titus Oates plots, and imprisonment of a succession of Dublin bishops delayed building until 1829, the year of catholic emancipation, when Fr. Matthew Flanagan was Parish Priest.

The present church was built as the Metropolitan Church for Irish Catholic Archbishops by Archbishop Patrick Russell, replacing the church in Limerick Lane. The first parish priest was appointed in 1809. The designer of the church was the Architect of Rusborough House, John Leeson. The building of the church began in the late Georgian period in Dublin in 1829 and was opened in 1834 and dedicated in 1835.


Francis Street
Dublin 8


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