New Chapter for St Teresa’s Gardens & Donore Avenue

The masterplan for over 25 acres of land at Donore Avenue and SCR is presented to the public


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A special meeting of the St Teresa’s Gardens Regeneration Board took place on 10th September 2020 to provide an overview and an update on progress being made with the regeneration programme at St Teresa’s Gardens and to consider plans and proposals for the future development of the 25 acre regeneration site which includes adjoining lands formerly known as Bailey Gibson and Player Wills. The meeting involved detailed presentations from Dublin City Council, Hines and the Land Development Agency.

Since the meeting on 10th September, An Bord Pleanala has approved planning permission for over 400 housing units on the Bailey Gibson part of the overall site. This aspect of the site, which will include 42 social housing units, is being developed by Hines and it is anticipated that building work will begin on the Bailey Gibson lands in early 2021. The other two phases of development on the overall site relate to the Player Wills factory complex (with planning application to An Bord Pleanala to be submitted in October 2020 by Hines) and to the DCC/public lands at St Teresa’s Gardens which will include a Municipal Sports Facility and up to 800 social and affordable housing units (with planning application to be submitted to An Bord Pleanala in 2021).

According to Stephen Rourke, the chairperson of the Regeneration Board: “The planning approval for the Bailey Gibson lands represents a good start in the overall planning and developmental process and should help to ensure that we can all keep to the timelines set out for the Regeneration Programme – including timelines for the Municipal Sports Facility and for the 800 new social and affordable housing units which will make the developments at St Teresa’s Gardens the largest single new-build social and affordable housing programme on the entire island of Ireland.”

A recording of the meeting can now be viewed online.  It aims to give solid information and a good insight into what we would like to achieve at St Teresa’s Gardens and surrounding areas. If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of the video please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Rourke at 087-2743414 or Rea Lavelle at 087-3856372.

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