Kilmainham Courthouse Model Interior
The Courthouse will open as part of a ceremony with President Higgins

New Visitor Centre Kilmainham Courthouse Open to the Public



Between 3rd – 12th May 1916, fourteen leaders of the Easter Rising were executed by firing squad in what had been the Stone-breakers’ yard. Today the Gaol is open as a Visitor Centre and receives visitors from all over the world. Major works have been undertaken at the former Kilmainham Courthouse next door to the Gaol to adapt it for visitors. The building was officially opened on Wednesday 30th March and is now fully open to members of the public. Tickets to the attraction can be booked on the new website here.

It is hoped Kilmainham Courthouse will assist in accommodating a higher number of tourists, reducing queues which have been growing exponentially over time. 340,000 visitors have seen the Gaol in recent years, with 2016 particularly busy.

Further events and news about the 2016 Centenary in The Liberties and Dublin 8 can be found here.

Kilmainham Courthouse 3d model interior

Kilmainham Courthouse model rear

Kilmainham Courthouse

Kilmainham Courthouse 3d model

Kilmainham Courthouse model rear interior

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