Dublin's oldest house in Dublin's oldest neighbourhood
The oldest house in Dublin has been found at 130 Thomas Street in The Liberties

Oldest House in Dublin has been found in The Liberties


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What has officially been christened “Dublin’s Oldest House” has just been uncovered in The Liberties.

In an exciting discovery at 130 Thomas Street it was found that part of the staircase which were carbon-tested dated right back to 1639. Interestingly the building does not appear special from the outside – its facade typical of the 19th century. Even more interesting are some of the features within – a corner fireplace which is usually found in dutch billy houses, left – right ceiling beams which contradicts the usual front – back, an intricate staircase design usually found in much grander houses.

The building, when first bought, was in a very poor state of disrepair. The roof had largely caved in, allowing rainwater and frost to take its damaging toll, while the ceilings and floors were verging on collapse. The owner Paul Sinnott however is committed to restoring the important building which faces Saint Catherine’s Church. He wants to introduce a mix of uses to the old home.

Dublin’s oldest house in one of the city’s most historic neighbourhoods. Seems appropriate. Read the full article about this Liberties hidden gem below. The article was published in the Sunday Times on 11/10/15. Click the image to zoom in.


Dublin's Oldest House

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