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We know it today as the National College of Art & Design, but up to 1975 this was the location of John Power & Sons world-famous whiskey distillery. Founded in 1791, in its Victorian-era heyday the distillery was a technological marvel, right at the forefront of whiskey production and process innovation in the British Isles. The distillery occupied the site for much of the 20th century but fell victim to the inexorable decline of the product from the 1940s onwards.

In 1981 the distillery was converted to the campus of NCAD National College of Art & Design: Ireland’s premier design college. While new buildings and uses occupy much of the site, there are still remnants of its past use to explore and enjoy: its where heritage meets contemporary art and design.

Past and Present: NCAD and Old Powers Distillery Tour is a walking tour through the campus past 10 locations with panels describing the past and current uses: one site, two very different stories.

You start at ‘Grey Square’: pick up a guide at the entrance and explore. And drop into the fabulous ‘Luncheonette’ for a coffee and treat afterwards.

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NCAD Past and Present

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