Plans for Meath Street Unveiled

Dublin City Council has submitted a planning application for a public realm revamp of Meath Street


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A proposed revamp of Meath Street has taken a further step forward with the submission of a planning application for the Meath Street Public Realm Improvement Scheme.

The proposals, developed for Dublin City Council by Haslam & Co Architects in partnership with the City Council’s Road Design Unit and Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services, propose to widen footpaths; to allocate more to pedestrians and a wider range of street uses such as outdoor seating and possible street markets; and to add trees, landscaping and public seating to the street.

Mirroring the work just completed on neighbouring Francis Street, this scheme will retain through traffic on the street but reduce the width of the carriageway to a single lane for the majority of the street. New crossing points will be installed and parking and loading provision will be revised. The design will see pavements widened to 4-5m in parts, greatly increasing pedestrian space and allow trees and seats to be added.

Best known as one of Dublin’s traditional market streets, the design envisages wide footpaths along Meath Street, to be used for occasional market stalls and casual trading. Electrical points are proposed to serve market stalls.

Following on from the greening of Francis Street, where 19 trees were added to the street, it’s hoped to plant a similar number of trees on Meath Street. Coupled with a tree planting scheme being developed for Carman’s Hall, which links Meath Street to Francis Street, the landscaping measures will mean a dramatic increase in tree cover on the main commercial streets of The Liberties.

A planning application, known as a Part VIII, has now been submitted. Plans and reports setting out the scheme can be viewed at or via the City Council’s planning portal. Submissions/ observations on the scheme can be made until 25th September 2023.

Illustrative view of Meath Street from Thomas Street looking south to St Catherine's Church showing planned changes to public realm.
Illustrative view of Meath Street at Engine Alley showing widened footpaths, landscaping and the potential use of market stalls
Illustrative view of Meath Street from The Coombe memorial looking north showing planned changes to public realm.

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