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Weaver Park on Cork Street is officially unveiled today (2nd October) by Dublin’s Lord Mayor Micheal Mac Donncha. The new park, the culmination of a concerted community effort to develop a public amenity on what had previously been a vacant site (left over following the demolition of Chamber Street flats), is one of the flagship projects of The Liberties Greening Strategy, a major plan to green and enhance the historic area.

The new park was designed by Ait Urbanism+Landscape for Dublin City Council’s Parks & Landscaping Department and the South Central Area Office. At a cost over just over €1m, the park is a major investment in The Liberties and a big step towards reversing the historic under-provision of amenity areas in what has always been a dense built-up part of Dublin. One of the area’s traditional industries, weaving, gives the park its name. The old Weavers’ Guild Hall previously stood nearby on The Coombe, and elements in the design of the park reflect this craft: the woven fencing around parts of the boundary, and the ‘gable-fronted’ silhouette of the unique new children’s play area, reflecting the ‘Dutch Billy’ houses which once lined Chamber Street, originally homes to weavers.

Weaver Park began as a campaign from the local community for a green space in their neighbourhood, and also with a proposal for a skate park (Cork Street Park). The idea gained considerable support from local representatives and led to the rezoning of ‘housing’ land on Cork Street to use as an amenity. The Cork Street park was listed as a priority project in the Liberties Greening Strategy, published at the end of 2014. A very engaged community helped to design the park over 2015 and 2016.  After 8 months of work, the new park opened earlier in September and immediately proved popular.

Weaver Park includes a feature skate bowl, smooth paths and a series of low walls around the park that have been designed with skaters in mind. The landscaping of the park is beautiful and allows for a leisurely space to enjoy the sunshine and relax.  The new play space for younger kids is a unique feature, unlike any other park in the city. It includes slides, climbing frames, tunnels all set within a frame designed to mirror the gabled houses of old Dublin.

A place to sit. A place to play. A place to hang out. A place to enjoy!


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