Pride of Place Win for Liberties Cultural Association

Local heritage group gets a first place at All Ireland Pride of Place Awards in Kilkenny


Life, Love The Liberties

The Liberties Cultural Association, a heritage initiative started in 2016 by a group of locally-based history lovers, scooped a major award on Saturday evening (30th November) winning a first prize in the category ‘Communities Reaching Out’ at the All-Ireland Pride of Place Awards 2019. The LCA, which includes Cathy Scuffil, James Madigan, Liz Gillis, Noel Fleming, Kim Olin and Maria O’Reilly among others, represented Dublin City in the competition and by all accounts wowed the judges with their presentation of the area earlier this year.


The citation of the judges to LCA says:

Sometimes the judges see presentations that are delivered with raw passion, wit, energy and an unshakeable pride and sense of belonging to a very appreciative and engaged audience and they are deeply moved. The story of this historic area which still retains its true identity and character despite the impact of huge inner city growth must continue to be told. A subsequent neighbourhood visit witnessing an incredible charity those in need, reinforced this impact on the judges. The extraordinary approach in keeping culture and history alive through highly qualified local people who are truly connected to the area, left two new honorary ‘libertarians’ feeling very proud indeed.


A well-deserved joint first prize (together with City Connections of Belfast) for this group who go from strength to strength. Congratulations!

About The Liberties Cultural Association

The Liberties Cultural Association (LCA) is a collective of historians, tour guides, researchers and residents with one thing in common, a deep love of The Liberties. This is celebrated through unique and bespoke free guided walks with local themes to much acclaim. All donations received given to charity. In response to recent new student accommodation developments, the LCA arranges a ‘Meet the Shopkeepers’ tour of Meath St each semester for new students. The aim is to encourage them to become part of this unique, caring community and has resulted in increased customers for the shopkeepers, whilst helping students – many away from home for the first time – overcome homesickness and loneliness. Long lasting friendships have been forged in the process. At semester end, a special dinner is arranged for students, shopkeepers and locals. Last year it was themed Thanksgiving, this year Rebellion and songs of Revolution. Follow LCA on Twitter and Facebook.

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