Repair of Streets and Pavements


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Dublin City Council’s Road Maintenance Service has agreed a programme of work in The Liberties and Dublin 8 for the coming year. This work is separate to the large-scale upgrade to streets at various stages – projects such as Francis Street ad Meath Street which you can learn more about here.

Planned Repairs to Carriageways on the following streets:

  • High Street
  • Bridgefoot Street
  • Bridge Street Upper
  • Pim Street
  • Echlin Street
  • Emmet Road

Footpath Repairs are planned for:

  • James Street (between Nos. 27-28)
  • John’s Lane West
  • Marrowbone Lane (between Robert Street and Summer Street South)
  • Taylor Lane (connecting Marrowbone Lane too School Street)
  • Vauxhall Avenue

Affected businesses or residents will be advised of work as scheduled.

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