Response to Public Consultation on Bru Chaoimhin

HSE proposes restoration and improvement works to Brú Chaoimhín, Former Quaker Burial Ground & James Weir Home on Cork Street


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Extract of letter from HSE Capital & Estates Office, 23rd December 2021:

Following a public consultation with regard to restoration and improvement works at Brú Chaoimhín, the former Quaker Burial Ground & the James Weir Home on Cork Street, the HSE received numerous submissions from a wide variety of interested parties. We wish to thank all who have taken the time and interest to submit project ideas.

Many of the ideas received relate to the opening-up of green areas and buildings for public use. But many of these buildings are still active health care facilities and as such, the HSE cannot open them up for general public use. While this may be disappointing, for many reasons, including insurance and public liability, it is simply not something the HSE can legally offer.

Besides the general public access issue, the projects that have been identified as feasible are scheduled below:

Brú Chaoimhín

  • Awareness – Develop and install a sign and information plaque
  • Remove pole to front lawn
  • Remove unused sign post in front lawn
  • Perimeter wall remediation works;
      • Brown Street east corner – Remove plaster and repair top of wall
      • Donore Avenue & Brown Street – Local repairs
      • East boundary wall – Extensive remediation works
      • West boundary wall on Donore Avenue, Cork Street end – Open up wall and fit railings as per adjoining sections.
  • Cork Street / Donore Avenue junction – Remove wall projection
  • Planting of suitable deciduous trees to safeguard the campus tree stock into the future.
  • Consider further the removal of razor wire and anti-climb devices on boundary walls. Note: this was dependent on the upgrade of CCTV and street lighting, as per the recently refused planning application.

Former Quaker Burial Ground & James Weir Home

  • Awareness – Develop and install a sign and information plaque
  • Cork Street railing – Repairs and paint
  • Survey & Maintenance Plan 2019 has identified the following works;
      • East boundary wall, Cork Street – Remediation works to top of wall
      • North boundary wall, internal back wall – critical repairs
      • East wall, remnants of low level wall – render repair
      • Grave markers – Cut back turf to grave markers, install key plan

We would take this opportunity to advise that the Weir Home is no longer a usable facility for the HSE. In this regard, the HSE have invited expressions of interest from relevant State Bodies / Stakeholders and the Local Authority in line with Circular 11/15: Protocols for the Transfer and Sharing of State Property Assets. The Land Development Agency (LDA) have also been advised. Pending the outcome of this process, the intent would be to dispose of the asset in line with HSE Property Protocol. The future ownership and management of the Quaker Burial ground is currently being assessed between the HSE and Dublin City Council.

Dublin City Council potential works

A number of submissions received had elements pertaining to areas outside the curtilage of the HSE site. And although these works are outside HSE control, the suggestions hold good merit and are worth considering. The ideas, however, will need to be formulated and communicated to the local Councillors and Dublin City Council for their consideration. We would suggest the following ideas are considered:

  • Donore Avenue – Rejuvenate the footpath and kerbing
  • Donore Avenue Corner at Cork Street – Following HSE proposed works to the walls, there is potential to rejuvenate the corner with some planting and hard landscaping.
  • Cork Street, Brú Chaoimhín side – There is a very wide footpath along the Brú Chaoimhín boundary, suggested to plant a number of trees along the footpath.


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