The Return of the Lark

The well-known Meath Street local reopens after extensive and unforeseen rebuilding



One can imagine John Byrne’s horror when he found half of his pub had collapsed in on itself, just a short while after a major refurbishment had breathed new life into the well-known local. The Lark Inn on Meath Street had undergone an extensive upgrade in 2018 including creating a new bright and airy front, decades after following the mid-20thC trend for closing-up pub fronts to create more secluded and secretive spaces.  Things were going great… and then it all caved in, literally.

“We sat back after the devastation and thought, where do we even start?” says John. There was nothing to do but pick things up and embark on a major construction of the building, which included erecting a large crane on Meath Street for a number of months in the height of lockdown.

The hard work has paid off and The Lark Inn reopens its doors at noon on Thursday 30th September.

“It would have been easy to walk, but that’s not us. We love the Lark and we love The Liberties.”

The Lark Inn, 81 Meath Street (Images courtesy of Andrew O’Connell)

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