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Welcome to Secret Street Tours!

We’re a non-profit social enterprise offering you a new way to discover the streets of Dublin through the eyes and experiences of someone who has been affected by homelessness.
Our unique, friendly and powerful tours are developed in partnership with our guides who will share their story with you as you explore the cultural and historic landmarks of their local area.
Our goal is to empower our guides with skills and confidence to take the next step toward independent living whilst offering our customers a channel to engage with one of Dublin’s most pressing social challenges.

The Liberties Tour
Let us take you on a journey through time of one of Dublin’s most vibrant and colourful neighbourhoods, the Liberties (where your guide, Derek, has lived all his life).
We’ll begin our tour in the Garda Siochana Memorial Gardens (Located just behind Dublin Castle).

As you explore the rich history of the area, local folklore and hidden gems, Derek will share with you stories of growing up in the Liberties, his experiences of homelessness, the passions that helped him through his lowest points and his hopes for the future.

We’ll wrap up our tour approximately 90 minutes later near St Patrick’s Tower, a great place for you to continue your day and explore more of Dublin’s many attractions.

We hope to welcome you soon!

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