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The Fox That Brings Flowers

NCAD students bring the new children’s hospital to life through a delightful animation



The winning animation of a competition as part of the new children’s hospital project’s Community Benefit Programme has been premiered at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD).

The competition, sponsored by BAM and the Community Benefit Programme and run in partnership with the NCAD’s Studio+ aimed to engage local college students with the hospital project.  Fifteen Moving Image Design students in three teams participated in the challenge with each team tasked them to develop a concept and storyboard for a visual interpretation of the construction of the new children’s hospital. As well as being visually engaging, the entries had to be easily accessible for a diverse and general audience of young people and adults.

Students then had to pitch their concept and ideas to a panel comprising lecturers from NCAD, BAM and the NPHDB Community Benefit Programme, before being shortlisted to produce their animations.

The winning concept, The Fox That Brings Flowers, was developed by Studio+ Year students Jamie Craig, Myla Sirvyte, Robin Rösing and Grace O’Reilly.  Prize money of €3,000 was provided by BAM to the team to create the animation.

The charming animation tells the story of a curious fox, who explores the new children’s hospital against the backdrop of a busy construction site, through the hospital concourse, passing patient rooms into the Rainbow Garden. As he explores, he leaves a trail of blooming grass and native plants behind for patients and families, representing how nature plays a role in the project. Upon entering the Rainbow Garden, he is met by fellow animals and a stunning aerial view of the building closes out the animation.

The competition was part of the Community Benefit Programme for the new children’s hospital, which was established to ensure that surrounding communities benefit from the new children’s hospital.  Its main aims are to maximise employment and training opportunities, to support local business, particularly small and social enterprises, to raise aspirations through education and to build community health and wellbeing.

Myla Sirvyte, NCAD student, is a member of the winning team: “As well as the brief, we were provided with a wealth of imagery from the building and a tour of the facility. It was clear to us that nature and care had to play a key role in the animation and the fox and his flowers is an accurate representation of this. We are excited to see the animation live on, via NPHDB and Children’s Health Ireland’s channels”.

Well done, Myla, Grace, Robin and Jamie!

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