The Future for Phoenix Park

A new mobilty plan for the city's largest park offers the opportunity to promote more sustainable uses of the amenity


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The Office of Public Works has announced a public consultation for the Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Study.

The Phoenix Park Transport and Mobility Options Study was published on 11th January and sets out a series of options for how park visitors will access, experience and move within the Phoenix Park while protecting the park environments. It makes a number of recommendations to reduce commuter traffic, increase the cycling and pedestrian opportunities and provide for limited public transport as well as taking account of the complex issues the Park presents given the multiple and competing users of the space.

Minister of State, Mr. Patrick O’Donovan said: ‘This is a great opportunity for the public to engage and participate in a process that will have a positive impact on the Phoenix Park now and into the future. I invite the public to take the time to review and consider the solutions proposed in the Study and I am looking forward to receiving as many submissions as possible during the public consultation’.

The public consultation commenced on 29th January and continues until 12th March 2021. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the public consultation will take place online. It includes:

  • a virtual room where members of the public can view the report and associated maps
  • a FAQ section
  • a feedback form to complete and contribute your views

At the end of this consultation period, an analysis of the feedback received will take place with the aim of publishing a final report in April 2021.

Follow the link to access the Public Consultation.


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