The GEC is going up!

The GEC Transforming

Liberties' business hub is in the middle of a major expansion.



Liberties’ business hub, The GEC (Guinness Enterprise Centre) is in the middle of a major transformation that will double the floorspace of the existing centre and allow it to accommodate twice as many businesses. Under the programme, which began in November 2019, The GEC is adding two extra floors on top of the existing building. While work has temporarily been suspending by the emergency, an impressive new structure is already emerging above the existing building. And all work is being undertaken while the current building continues to operate with its many small businesses, startups and creatives which combined employ over 450 people.

The ambition of the project is impressive too. The GEC is already recognised as a world-class incubator and location for startups and has a global reach through its links with university accelerators in locations such as the USA, Russia, India, China and South Korea.  At the GEC, entrepreneurs can avail of programmes specifically designed to assist companies break into and succeed in overseas markets.

Through its CoConnect Programme, the GEC also partners with over 40 similar enterprise centres around Ireland, positioning it at the centre of a national network for entrepeneurs and startups and providing it with unparalleled links to industry and academia here in Ireland.

With GEC Expansion, the centre expects to grow the number of startups based at the centre to 160, with over 220 co-working companies also located at Taylor’s Lane. The target is to generate 1,500 new jobs every 5 years and contribute €75m to the Irish economy.

The construction project is being time-lapsed so you can get a sense of the transformation as it progresses. All going well, the new-look GEC will be unveiled in 2021. You can link to the timelapse here.


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