The Iveagh Market

The Iveagh Market

Emergency works now proposed to protect the roof and structure of the Market as legal proceeding continue



The difficult process to resolve the legal dispute around the Iveagh Market on Francis Street continues. For the past three years legal actions have been ongoing between Mr Martin Keane and companies associated with him and Dublin City Council on the one hand, and between Mr Keane and companies and Edward Guinness, Earl of Iveagh on the other.

The proceedings centre on ownership and legal control of the Market. Both processes had been in arbitration until recent days, without resolution.

The legal proceedings continue in both the Commercial and High Courts.

However in recent months, the situation has developed. In December, Lord Iveagh withdrew the provision of security of the Market and Dublin City Council stepped in to secure and monitor the building.  Now with the unsuccessful conclusion of arbitration, Dublin City Council is proceeding to undertake emergency works to the Market to secure and preserve the roof of the building and to protect its fabric from further degredation.  The Market is a protected structure.

These emergency works will be visible in coming months.

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