Thomas Street to Suir Road Cycleway to be Trialled

Dublin City Council is currently seeking the views of the public on a planned cycleway linking Thomas Street to SCR via Marrowbone Lane and St James Linear Park


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Dublin City Council has announced plans for a new cycle route connecting Thomas Street to Suir Road and SCR at Kilmainham. An interim route, which will trial and test the route, is proposed in the first instance and the Council is now seeking public views on the scheme via its Consultation Hub.  The interim trial route will be installed while a design process gets underway for the permanent route.

The route runs from Thomas Street via Thomas Court and Marrowbone Lane, turning onto Forbes Lane (which now becomes one way) and the onto James’s Walk as far as Rialto Bridge. From here, the cycleway will run though the Linear Park via a ‘share with care’ route to Suir Bridge. The final section runs along Suir Road linking in to the existing cyclelanes along the SCR at Kilmainham.  The proposal will create a largely segregated cycleway, as well as improve the quality of the public realm along the route with improved walking facilities and reduced traffic. The permanent scheme will complement the proposed redevelopment of St James’s Linear Park/ Grand Canal Allignment.

The most significant changes proposed are at James’s Walk, which will be made one way with all traffic going westbound from Our Lady’s Road to the South Circular Road junction.  There will be a new two way cycle track along the north side of James’s Walk (Hospital side) with light segregation measures between the cycle lane and the traffic lanes. Two way traffic will be maintained along a short stretch of James’s Walk between Our Lady’s Road and Forbes Lane.  Parking will be fully removed along the northern side of the street, while parking on the southern side will be reduced to 26 spaces.

The interim cycleway will be marked out with temporary installations and road markings, while it is envisaged that the permanent scheme will include kerb seperated cycle tracks and a range of environmental improvements including footpath widening, landscaping etc.

More details on the scheme can now be found at Submissions on the proposals are welcome until 14th November 2022.

Route of the new Thomas Street to SCR cycleway

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