Thomas Street to Suir Road Cycleway

Dublin City Council is set to begin work at the start of August on a new interim cycleway linking Thomas Street to Kilmainham


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Dublin City Council has announced that work will begin in August on a new cycleway linking Thomas Street to Kilmainham and passing via Marrowbone Lane, St James’s Avenue and Rialto. The cycleway is being rolled out as a rapid-install interim scheme, while longer term improvements are being designed.

The Interim Scheme from Thomas Street to Suir Road (connecting with an exisiting protected cycleway on SCR) will deliver 1.8km of new walking and cycle facilities including:

  • A two way segregated cycletrack along St James’s Walk using lane dividers and bollards. St James’s Walk will now become one-way (westbound only) between Our Lady’s Road and Rialto Bridge.
  • A one way protected cycletrack along Marrowbone Lane using flexible kerbs and bollards, both sides (from Robert Street South to Summer Street South).
    New road markings, cycle logos and traffic signage across the route.
  • Improvements to all pedestrian crossings along the route.
  • A shared use lane for car traffic and cyclist traffic on Grand Canal View, Forbes Lane, Marrowbone Lane (Forbes Lane to Robert Street South) and Thomas Court.
  • A share with care section for pedestrian traffic and cyclist traffic through St James Linear Park from Rialto Bridge to Suir Road.
    Upgrade to Suir Road Davitt Road Junction.

The interim scheme was subject to a consultation in later 2022 and further design changes were made.  The first section of the route to be completed will be include Forbes Lane, Marrowbone Lane and St James’s Walk with work expected to begin in the next fortnight.

More details on the scheme including drawings and the consultation report here.


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