Historical events in The Liberties for Culture Night
Take yourself back in time for Culture Night in The Liberties & Historic Quarter

Top 5 Historical Events at Culture Night in The Liberties


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With The Liberties being designated ‘The Liberties & Historic Quarter’ for this year’s Culture Night it seems fitting to feature some key historical events in one of Dublin’s most historic neighbourhoods this Friday.

Check out the top 5 family events in The Liberties for Culture Night.

Come to the Mendicity Institution for Culture Night

The Mendicity Institution

Time: 6pm – 9pm | Event Page: Click here

Visit Dublin’s oldest working charity and taste the food served to the paupers of Dublin in the nineteenth century. Unlike the simple foods of past times a delicious homemade soup with artisan breads from Manning’s bakery will also be served. The role the Mendicity played in 1916 will be highlighted with costumed re-enactments of the society at work in the bad old days.

Come to Warrenmount for Culture Night

Warrenmount Community Education and Development Centre

Time: 7pm – 9pm | Event Page: Click here

Warrenmount Community Education Centre will welcome local historian, Catherine Scuffil (M.A. LocHis) to give a talk in three parts on the spirit and history of their 18th century Dublin manor house located on the River Poddle. Situated on Mill Street, next to Teeling’s, the house was renovated in recent years; however, it still retains many of its key historical features. Visitors are invited to one or all three of the talks or to simply drop in and have a look around the house.

Study a fascinating collection for Culture Night

National Archives of Ireland

Time: 5pm – 8pm | Event Page: Click here

The National Archives of Ireland houses archives of the modern Irish state and of pre-independence government as well as archives acquired from business firms, charities, health boards, hospitals, schools, solicitors’ offices, trade unions and private individuals. The archives date mainly from the 19th and 20th centuries in what is a fascinating collection

Tour Robert Emmet Community Development Project for Culture Night

Robert Emmet Community Development Project

Time: 6pm – 8:30pm | Event Page: Click here

This is a unique opportunity to see and hear about life in this community in The Liberties. Some has disappeared completely while some aspects are as strong as they ever were.

The construction of Oliver Bond Flats was one of the first such projects to be developed in response to the 1913 Housing Report. Find out a bit more about the lives of those living there, past and present at this Friday’s Culture Night.

Tour Saint Audoen's for Culture Night

St Audoen’s Church & Visitor Centre

Time: 5pm – 9:30pm | Event Page: Click here

Visit this historic building dating back to 1190 and discover its ancient charms including the ruins of the Portlester Chapel invisible from the street, the remains of a medieval lane, a 12th century baptismal font and ornate 17th century wall memorials commemorating prominent citizens of Dublin. Chat to the guides who will be delighted to answer your questions and tell you something of the long history of St Audoen’s Church and its importance in medieval Dublin.

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