Trees in The Tenters

Dublin City Council Parks Services have just completed new landscaping at Blackpitts, with further interventions planned around The Tenters



A street landscaping project at Blackpitts has been completed, adding trees and planting to what had been a rather bleak expanse of footpath between Clanbrassil Terrace and Donovan Lane.

The project was completed by landscape contractors Redlough Landscapes for Dublin City Council and is part of the ongoing programme of greening across the area under The Liberties Greening Strategy.

The scheme entailed removing areas of the footpath and replacing these with trees and pollenator-friendly herbaceous planting. Some cycle parking and seats have also been added to create a welcome amenity space along the street.

“Blackpitts has so few trees, and as it’s quite narrow in most parts there are very few opportunities to add street trees. But this unusually wide space seemed like a perfect spot to ‘de-pave’ and plant”, said Deirdre Prince, a landscape architect with the Council’s Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services who oversaw the project.

“We have created large open beds, which will be much healthier environments for the trees to grow in.  The open beds in turn allowed us to add a varity of underplanting that will offer visual interest through the seasons and support pollinators. And these open planted areas will also absorb some of the rainwater that normally just runs off the footpath and into the drainage gullies. So the project is also acts as a sustainable drainage feature, or SUD.”

Blackpitts landscaping is a welcome addition of greenery and amenity to this area. The wider Tenters area is not without its fair share of trees but over time street trees can fail and die and need to be replaced.  A local group called Trees for Tenters has been working with Dublin City Council to ensure that trees that are removed can be replaced and to explore other opportunities to green the streets of The Tenters.

11 new trees and over 900 plants were added under the project
The space before

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