What’s Up With Greyhound Refuse Collections?



You may have noticed on-going problems in the area with yellow Greyhound bags not being collected. The reason: Greyhound no longer operate their refuse or recycling bag collection services in the area. Domestic refuse and recycling is collected via the other waste operators. However these wont collect Greyhound bags.

What should you do?
Please don’t present Greyhound bags, as they will not be collected. You can source bags for the other waste operators who are active in the area through local retailers. You can find details of these other waste operators online.

Where does this apply to?
The area in question is called the City Commercial Zone (the yellow area outlined in red in the map below). This is the area of the city that receives a daily refuse collection service. This area is no longer being serviced by Greyhound. The area outside the red line receives a weekly refuse collection services on a set day.

What to do if you have already purchase Greyhound bags?
Greyhound are offering to refund the costs of unused bags for residents in the areas concerned. Please contact Greyhound directly at www.greyhound.ie


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