Whitefriars Greening Strategy

An ambitious masterplan to green the area between Bride Street and Aungier Street has been unveiled by the City's Parks Services



An ambitious masterplan to ‘green’ the urban blocks between Bride Street and Aungier Street has been unveiled by Dublin City Council Parks, Biodiversity & Landscape Services. The Whitefriars Greening Strategy follows on the heels of a similar plan in The Liberties, which has seen new parks, street tree planting and new public spaces developed in recent years.

The initial projects in the Strategy focus on streets such as Whitefriars Place, Bishop Street and Peter Street and Peter Row. The measures includes street tree planting, landscape features, vertical greening. The ambition is also to improve amenity, by adding seating; creating opportunities for incidental play; and also marking heritage and local archaeological features.

Among the ambitions of the scheme is to increase street trees and canopy cover in the area to bring it closer to the city average of 10%; to rebalance public space away from cars and parking and provide greater pedestrian space; and to improve the environmental functioning of streets through SUDs (sustainable urban drainage) and air pollution methods.

The strategy was subject to public workshops earlier this year. The intention is that as individual projects are brought forward, there will be further discussion with local residents and businesses. The first projects should start in 2024.


Whitefriars Greening Strategy Masterplan
Elements of the Strategy
A sample greening project

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