Winter Song by Bren Berry

Former Revelino player dusts off his Rickenbacker to craft a new album of intimate songs and recollections



After 25 years behind the curtain at Vicar Street, Bren Berry, formerly of band Revelino, has just released the first single off a forthcoming debut solo album.

Billed as a love song to The Liberties, WINTER SONG is a big one, no messing around. Winter Song is a majestic, swelling chime-fest. You can practically hear the icicles crash against the strings, as the warmth and tenderness in Bren’s voice cuts through the frosty architecture of the guitars.

“Winter Song felt like a particularly big breakthrough for me and a key moment to finding my voice. I had recorded a little chiming tribute to The Velvet Underground on my phone during lockdown called I.V.U. I sat down with it one-night last year when I was struggling with some health issues, and it just quickly blossomed into a very tender love song for my wife and a love letter to Dublin’s Liberties especially The Iveagh Buildings where my mother was from. I had so many amazing times there when I was younger, and this connection adds resonance to my relationship with Vicar St in The Liberties where I have spent the last 25 years working behind the curtain in with so many incredible artists and crew.”

Music can strike at any time in one’s life, no matter how resigned you are to walking away from it. Reflections on time, family, music and love are the things that triggered Bren’s writing and before he knew it he’s releasing the first single from his debut album, over 20 years after Revelino disbanded, in the form of an epic Winter love poem, a song so aglow with heart and soul we can wrap it around us for the long cold months ahead.

The accompanying video was filmed & produced by Sofft Productions in Vicar St & The Liberties. More here.

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