Marsh’s Library

Housed in a beautifully-preserved building from the early eighteenth century,  Marsh’s Library opened as Ireland’s first public library in 1707 featuring the collection of Narcissus Marsh, an archbishop of Dublin. The original oak bookcases house more than 25,000 rare and fascinating books and the Library features year round exhibitions. Famous past readers have included Jonathan Swift (one-time Dean of the adjoining Cathedral), Bram Stoker, and James Joyce. The Library features unique rerading cages, designed to safeguard precious books by locking the reader inside. Children will enjoy hunting for our hidden minifigures, but do beware of the ghost of the Archbishop!

A not-to-be-missed gem for visitors to the city. Located beside St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Marsh’s Library welcomes visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors are asked to pay an entrance fee of €7, with €4 for students and senior citizens. There is no charge for children under 16. You can also enjoy a shared ticket with Saint Patrick’s Cathedral for €14 (saving you €2 on individual admissions)

Marsh’s Library features on the Culture Date With Dublin 8 Attractions Passport.


St Patrick's Close


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